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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Husband impotent, so allows father to rape wife

The quest to get a child is a strong urge. In patriarchal societies, getting a child after marriage becomes a social obligation, and when this does not happen for some time, especially after some years, it can be a social disaster. People ask about what happened, is everything wrong, and is the man capable. In such cases, the pressure to get a child by any means is strong, and here is a report, which if true, shows the extent to which a person can go to make sure that society does not impact them. But one wonders as to how a person could do such a thing (link to article):

A Rajkot woman on Monday filed a case against her father-in-law alleging that he had raped her after doctors declared her husband as impotent. The woman in her complaint said her husband had agreed to let his father rape her so that they could have a child.
The woman was married to Dharmesh seven years back. When she couldn’t conceive for first two years of her marriage, her in-laws took her to a doctor who declared her medically unfit to bear children. She got suspicious and went to another gynaecologist for a second opinion. The gynaecologist told her that there was nothing wrong with her. When she confronted her in-laws, they accepted that Dharmesh had a medical problem and suggested in vitro fertilisation (IVF). The woman alleged that one day when she was alone, Vimal gave her sleeping tablets and raped her while she was unconscious. When she complained to Dharmesh, he allegedly told her that it was all planned.

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