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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pilots and cabin crew fight in mid-air

Taking a flight is now a normal state of affairs. You get into the flight, meet the smiling cabin crew, hear the voice of the captain (but normally don't get to see the captain), and after food and the flight duration, the flight lands, and you get off, not thinking about the flight again. What happens when things do not happen like this ? Passengers were shocked to witness a fight between the cabin crew and the pilots, with the pilots on one side and the cabin crew on the other side. This horrid scene (witnessed by passengers) was seen on a flight of the Indian Airlines, running between Sharjah and Delhi (link to article):

Endangering the lives of 106 passengers and grossly violating safety norms, the airline staffers came to blows in the cockpit and galley of the Indian Airlines Airbus A-320 as the aircraft cruised over Pakistan en route to Delhi via Lucknow from Sharjah. The cabin-vs-cockpit tiff originated on the ground in Sharjah itself and then turned into a full-blown fight once IC 884 took off soon after midnight.
The cabin crew alleged that pilots harassed a 24-year-old female colleague who later filed a molestation complaint against them with the cops after the flight landed in Delhi. The pilots, on the other hand, accused a male flight purser of misconduct that seriously compromised flight safety, and said the accusation of molestation aimed to protect the complainant's purser friend—who has a commercial pilot licence (CPL)—from facing action.

One can only hope that the airline and the flight regulators make sure that these people are penalized for their misconduct, and the airline is also prosecuted for this happening.

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