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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

College expels student after discovering she worked in a topless car wash

Malaysia is an Islamic country, and correspondingly, has a higher sense of public decency and morality, sometimes with painful results (there have been earlier stories of people being punished for drinking alcohol if they are Muslims). So, consider the case of this lady from another country (China) who was in Malaysia for college, and close to graduation. She was punished by being expelled from her college since she was one of the girls who took part in a prize ceremony event - the prize was the promise of getting their cars washed by topless cars, and she was one of the girls who went topless (link to article):

According to Sin Chew Daily, the girl was thrown out of college after her photos appeared over the internet. An anonymous letter was also mailed to her school in Singapore, reports the Star Online. The event, organised by a new motoring website in the republic, had given 20 lucky members a chance to witness a topless car wash.
The women donned only bikini bottoms and high heels and were paid nearly $1,400. The student, who has been identified as Angela, was taking an advanced certificate course at a private college and said she was only two months away from graduating.

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