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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thieves steal sperm sample

Thieves will try to steal anything valuable, but maybe they need to learn that not everything that is valuable can be sold. An example is something that is of great personal value to one person, but no value to anything else. Another example is of something like sperm samples from a sperm back, that cannot be sold since any user will want to have the history of the sample. So, the thief steal sperm samples and tries to sell them to a doctor, but no doctor would want to buy something like this since they would want to know previous details of the sperm sample, including the profile of the donor:

A laboratory technician who allegedly tried to make a quick buck by stealing samples from the sperm bank where he worked has been arrested after a suspicious doctor tipped off police.
The doctor contacted police because they [doctors] usually refer patients to infertility clinics for treatment. They are never approached with sperm vials on sale. Infertility experts in Mumbai were astounded by the alleged theft.

And now these would be thieves are facing fines and jail terms for trying to sell something that could not be sold.

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