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Thursday, April 17, 2008

A girl having 2 faces

You only hear from time to time about people who get born with features that would be considered not normal. It is not their fault, it is just the way that nature made them, but people get very interested in such things happening; and with the over-whelming influence of religion in our lives, it is very easy to ascribe divine intervention for many of such occurrences. So, if in Hindu mythology, a particular Goddess has 2 faces, and a baby gets born with similar features, she would instantly be considered as a manifestation of such divinity:

The parents of an Indian infant girl born with two faces say that she is eating and breathing normally despite having two pairs of eyes and lips and two noses. The baby, who is yet to be named, was born to factory worker Vinod Kumar and his wife Sushma three weeks ago in northern India and has been drawing a stream of curious observers and others who consider her a deity in this deeply religious Hindu-majority country.
Doctors said it was an extremely rare case, with the girl having two skulls joined together, and that separating them was out of the question. "Since the heads are fused, separating them is not possible," paediatrician D.K Gupta of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences told the Hindustan Times newspaper on the weekend. But doctors said the girl should be examined thoroughly to study the possibility of complications.

Baby with two faces

One wonders how things will work out later. People overall treat anybody who is different with varying reactions, but never normally. One can only hope that things will turn out well.

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