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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Europe causes London to smell

Imagine a vague smell permeating through a modern city; there is an odour that you can smell and you wonder as to what has gone bad. People who are more fastidious would be going crazy turning their house upside down to find out what is causing this smell. And then you find out that the smell is actually due to agricultural practices on the main continent, and you are paying the cost for a weather pattern that is pushing the smell your way:

A foul smell permeating London and parts of England over the past two days is due to farmers on the European continent spreading manure in their fields, forecasters and British farmers said Saturday. The agricultural odor is inescapable in central London and smells vaguely of farmland or even garbage.
The National Farmers' Union blamed the smell on the muck-spreading by Dutch farmers, who it said are banned from the practice in the winter and are now spreading it "en masse." Although the smell may be unusual, the phenomenon of European air spilling its contents over England is not, forecasters have said. "We quite often get pollution in the form of haze coming over when we've got these winds from [an] easterly direction, particularly when the winds are coming off the near-continent," he said.

The smell is also an indication of how easily any happening can be used to prove a point; so even this smell is being used by the National Farmers Union to oppose a practise proposed for implementation in Britain that is causing this smell in the European continent.

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