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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Newspaper guy finds wife pinned under dead husband

In a strange occurrence that must have been very distressing and traumatic for her, a lady was pinned in her home under the much-heavier dead body of her husband. 84-year-old Blanche Roberts, lay pinned under the body of her 77 year husband Fred for a long time, from Wednesday evening to when she was eventually found on Sunday. Fred had apparently died of a heart attack:

Newspaper carrier Bruce Pitts knew the elderly couple only by the prayers the wife made for him while he was working at night and in bad weather, but he felt something was wrong when the papers piled up outside their home. "It was never like them to leave a newspaper in their tube," Pitts said Tuesday. "That wonderful, small voice inside me said, 'This isn't right."'
Pitts then eased open an unlocked side door and saw the couple about two feet inside, 84-year-old Blanche Roberts helpless looking right back at Pitts. Her right leg was pinned beneath the body of her 77-year-old husband Fred, who apparently had died last Wednesday evening of a heart attack after mowing the lawn. "The good Lord was with her. She was not scared, wasn't panicking," Pitts said during a telephone interview. "She was conscious, talking. Just peaceful. It was remarkable."

It was good for Blanche that she was found by Pitts, a concerned person. She was apparently incapable of removing the dead weight of her husband's body and would have continued suffering.

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