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Monday, November 27, 2006

Stupid robber commits massive self-injury

In a weird incident, a kidnapper was, along with 2 accomplices, was trying to kidnap a youth. Well, so what is so weird about this ? The kidnapper, apparently learned all about how to use a gun, but not about gun safety. As a result, during the kidnapping, when he tried to put his gun back into his belt, the gun went off, and did his some considerable damage, hitting one of his testicles, ouch !! When his body instinctively reacted to such a shock, the gun went off again and hit his calf. At this point, the guy developed some sense and managed to reach hospital to get some treatment.
Good news, he got arrested by the police, although I do not as yet know whether he will face any charges of attempted suicide. Read the original story here. Read more about gun safety here.

1 comment:

Annelisa said...

What a stoopid thing to do! You would think he'd learn about safety catches and the like...

Mind you, can't say I don't think he deserved it!

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