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Monday, November 20, 2006

Prisoner escape using petroleum jelly

A different use of grease, something that the law and order crowd will definitely not like. In South Africa, a prisoner escaped from a high security prison by covering himself with petroleum jelly and using the extra lubrication to push himself through a small opening, something that he would never have been able to do with the extra lubrication.
Police are embarasses, this was an escape of a notorious criminal (awaiting trial on rape, murder and other serious crimes) from a high security jail. He removed a bulletproof window and after some squirming, managed to make good his escape, and in the process, created a record by being the first prisoner to escape from the jail in its 36 years of existence.

1 comment:

artnavy said...

amazing!! till now used the jelly only to slip off the ring from my fattened finger

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