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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Britain's unluckiest man does it again

In this article from The Register, can read about the world's unluckiest man exhibiting the reasons why he has won that title. It would be funny if it was not real and happening to some living human being.
John Lyne, from Britain, fell down a manhole and suffered serious injuries which will take a few months to repair. Now this can happen to anyone, but for something serious to happen to someone 16 times over is a bit too much.
John has been run over by a cart, fallen from a tree, hit twice by lightning, suffered numerous vehicle crashes and come close to drowing. He must have borrowed a few lives from neighbouring cats. And to make it even worse, his friends and family just laugh about it.

1 comment:

Annelisa said...

Ok, that does look like the unluckiest guy alive, but I have to say, regarding his family and friends - if you don't laugh you'd definately avoid this bloke like the plague - seems like he attracts the bad luck... (wonder what his lottery chances are...?)

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