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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sex with dead deer not illegal

Legal cases can take on a lot of different varieties. This is a very interesting case. A man admitted to having sexual relations with a dead deer. In the face of it, in Wisconsin, US, there is a law called "crimes against sexual morality" that disallows relations with animals. It seems so strange; first a person having intercourse with an animal, and that too, a dead animal.
The defence lawyer claims that a carcass is not an animal any more. So, the entire case is hinged on the question of whether a dead animal is indeed an 'animal' as per the law. Subsequently, the judge has to decide on whether the dead animal is an animal as per the law. Lucky judge.
The prosecutor though pointed out an example of a dead pet dog still being referred to as a pet, indicating that common language does not distinguish between a dead animal and a living animal. Whatever be the case, the judge has promised to deliver a judgement by the next session.

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