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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Weird news - Woman turns up at her own funeral

A spouse killing the other in a fit of rage happens often enough, especially when emotions are running high. It is more of movie stuff when this happens through a professional hit, when one of the spouses has hired killers to kill the other spouse. Add the complications of living across 2 different continents and countries, with a incredible plan of sending the wife back to her native country to attend a tragedy and getting her killed there. There is a perfect alibi and very difficult to coordinate the investigation across 2 different countries.
The wife got lucky, with the killers finally deciding not to kill her and instead providing her audio evidence that her husband was trying to kill her. And she attended her own funeral and confronted her husband, and finally he was sentenced to 9 years in jail (link to article):
A Burundian woman living in Australia has told how she shocked her husband by turning up at her own funeral – after he had paid hit men to kill her. Noela Rukundo, a mother of eight, had arrived in Australia as a refugee in 2004 – the same year as the man she was to go on to marry, Balenga Kalala. In January 2015 she had returned to Burundi to attend her stepmother’s funeral. Lying in her hotel, she was dozing in the heat when Kalala called her from their home in Australia, and suggested she get some fresh air. "I didn't think anything,” she told the BBC. “I just thought that he cared about me, that he was worried about me."

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