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Monday, February 15, 2016

Weird news - Selling a potato photo for more than a $ 1 million

There are a large number of people selling photos in different forms; these could be direct photos or creations such as shirts / mugs / framed prints, etc. Typically, if you leave aside the major sellers such as Getty images, most people sell their photos or such prints for not more than a few dollars each, being lucky to get amounts greater than that.
So it can be pretty interesting when photographers get amounts much, much larger than that, and too for simple photos. Imagine a photo of a potato selling for more than a million dollars, and yet it happened. One wonders about how impressed the buyer must have been with the photo to pay that amount for it (link to article)
A celebrity photographer said a photo sold to a European businessman for $1.08 million didn't portray any famous figures -- rather, it depicted a simple potato. Kevin Abosch, 46, an Irish photographer known for his portraits of famous subjects including Malala Yousafzai and Steven Spielberg, said a European businessman spotted "Potato #345" hanging in his Paris apartment last year and purchased the print for $1.08 million -- 1 million euros. Abosch, who normally charges up to $500,000 for a portrait, said the sale was the biggest of his career.

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