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Monday, February 22, 2016

Weird news - Footballer shoots the referee after a red card

Sports can get pretty impassioned; at times of major sports events there can be clashes between the supporters of the teams which can get deadly as well. During the course of a football match in Belgium between Juventus and Liverpool many years, the push led to a stampede in which around 39 people died (one of the impact was that there suspension of Liverpool from competitions).
During matches as well, there can be a great sense that the referees are biased or that in a particular action, the referee either ignored a wrong or is blind and cannot see the problems occurring. This kind of feeling can be natural, but when somebody goes overboard, feels that the sense of wrong is so high that it needs to be remedied. In this case, the player got so emotional that he went over the edge and committed murder on the referee (link to article):
An amateur footballer enraged by getting a red card in Argentina fetched a gun and fatally shot the referee on the pitch, police said Tuesday. Cesar Flores, 48, was refereeing a match between local youth teams in the central city of Cordoba when he sent off the player for a foul. The youth took a revolver from among his belongings, went back on the pitch and shot Flores several times, a police source told AFP.

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