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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weird news - Using stupid tactics to get step-daughter to have sex

Incest, even with a step-child can be pretty disgusting to a lot of people. And when you combine that with trickery, things can get even worse. And add stupidity to the whole mix, and things get even worse. In this case, a police detective tried to con his step-daughter with a story that she would get blackmailed unless she had sex with him which was video-taped. She took the right decision and called the cops, who refused to believe anything he said and arrested him (link to article):

Robert Glen Levinson, 43, of South Dartmouth, Mass. reportedly told his 37-year-old stepdaughter that someone would mail naked photos of the woman to her boss if they didn't videotape themselves having sex within 24 hours. The stepdaughter, however, didn't believe the story and contacted the police immediately, according to The Standard-Times. Levinson was arrested on Aug. 31 and pleaded not guilty to domestic disorderly conduct on Friday. The judge ordered him to cease all contact with his stepdaughter, who lives in Middletown, R.I., according to the Providence Journal.

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