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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weird news - Cigarettes containing all sorts of stuff, including shit

You might have heard of defective medicines, those which are fakes made by those looking to make some quick money. A lot of these are sold over the internet, and are also sold in countries where the regulatory and law enforcement standards are a bit lax. If this seems horrible, see how this sounds. Imagine smoking cigarettes that contain all sorts of items such as human excrement, mould, or asbestos. Now, the manufacturer of cigarettes are not responsible for the addition of these items, they are only responsible for the normal addition of nicotine and tobacco, which can cause a number of health problems.
These come into cigarettes based on the manufacture of fake cigarettes, as per a study in Great Britain where analysis of cigarettes based on the stubs and packets found in rubbish bins found that as much as 30% of cigarettes are fake, and are more dangerous than normal cigarettes (link to article):

The survey in Birmingham by MS Intelligence, a Swiss-based brand protection company, found that 30.9 per cent of packets were either bogus or purchased abroad. The UK Border Agency has also intercepted items containing asbestos, mould and human excrement. A haul in Derbyshire found cigarettes made from the remains of crushed flies.

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