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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weird news - Things that are found in people's stomach

Once in a while, you would read about strange stuff that is found in the stomach's of people. There are those performers who eat glass, there are others who chew chalk and paper, but what do you say to someone who eats their own hair, others who eat cutlery from wherever they have gone for a meal. Most people cannot even contemplate eating anything other than proper food, since their stomachs would revolt against eating something different. In addition, when people eat food that has gone a bit bad or similar, their stomach can go bad and they can fall sick.
Here is an article that talks about the various items that people have in their stomachs, and some of the would be surprising to you even when you would have read similar articles in the past (link to article):

The baby recently ate what her great grandmother and guardian, Freida Deweese, thought was "a piece of candy," and wound up in emergency surgery at Texas Children's Hospital. That's because the child hadn't eaten sweets — she had swallowed a Water Balz toy, which begins around the size of a marble and grows to up to 400 times its original size when placed in water. A felt-tipped pen 78 pieces of cutlery A 10-pound hairball An entire magnet set More than 400 coins A man's twin brother

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