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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weird news - Universities and colleges buying up XXX domains

People who use the internet are used to domain names such as .com, .info, .biz, and some others such as .de or .jp. For many years now, there was the planning to create a new set of domains that will end in .xxx, so that these domains can be identified to belong to the sex entertainment industry, and also allows better filters to prevent children and others from seeing sex related content.
So, when the availability of these domains was finally started, one expected that many players of the adult entertainment industry would sign up to buy these domains (and well known people were allowed to buy domain names with their names so that these would not get in controversy).
However, once these domains were available, one of the funny aspects was about some of the groups that started booking these domains. These were those of colleges and universities that were booking these domains with the thought of ensuring that they did not get into the wrong hands (these domains would not be available for anybody else to book) (link to article):

Colleges, museums and well known groups have rushed to grab online addresses in the ".xxx" domain to prevent porn purveyors from using their names in the Internet's new red light district.
Well-known colleges were among those quick to stake claims to .xxx websites, paying $200 for a decade of exclusive control over addresses based on their names.
Despite painful budget woes in the California State college system, the University of California, Berkeley, paid $1,200 for six .xxx web addresses based on name variations for the school and its Golden Bears football team.

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