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Friday, December 16, 2011

Weird news - Cat willed 10 million pounds, but won't get it

From time to time, you hear of rich people bypassing any relatives they have, and donating sizable sums of money to some of their pets, and you can wonder about the significance of such wills, since you are leaving money (which is a creation of man) to non-humans. An animal has no knowledge of money, how to handle it, or any other item related to money (except that if they live in a rich house, they get used to more luxury, food at regular intervals, and so on).
In another case, an Italian lady left a huge fortune of 10 million pounds to her cat, a stray that the lady had adopted since she loved animals. The lady had no close relatives, so this decision was all the more easy, and unlikely that you would get relatives stepping up to challenge such a decision (link to article):

Believe it or not, an Italian cat has inherited a fortune of £10 million after her owner died aged 94, reportedly making her the third richest pet in the world.
Maria Assunta died last month and according to lawyers entrusted with her estate, she left the fortune in property to Tommasino, a stray cat she had found and looked after because of her love for animals, the 'Daily Mail' reported.
However, as per Italian law, the gift cannot be made directly to the animal, and hence there is a hunt for animal rights organizations.

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