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Monday, December 5, 2011

Weird news - A crash that caused $4 million in damages to expensive cars

Road crashes are caused by various reasons, such as bad weather, car malfunction, slippery roads, too much to drink, or other such causes. They can be fatal to people, but very rarely do you see a car crash measured in terms of the amount of damage caused to vehicles, especially expensive vehicles such as a Ferrari. However, this article is more about the total damage caused during an accident which involved very expensive cars - how often have you heard of an accident that caused more than $4 million in damage (link to article):

Eight Ferraris and a Lamborghini -- plus a Toyota Prius -- were among the vehicles involved in the crash, which witnesses said happened when a speeding car slid across a wet road surface. Television footage showed mangled Ferraris -- many of them racing red -- and debris spread over some 400 metres (yards) of the east-bound side of the Chugoku Expressway, the main trunk road in southern Honshu.
A pack of about 20 supercars was travelling in convoy on Sunday morning on a stretch of wet highway when the leading Ferrari slid into a guardrail, police said.
Those behind slammed on their brakes, but for many of them it was apparently too late.
"I've never seen such a thing," highway patrol lieutenant Eiichiro Kamitani told AFP by telephone. "Ferraris rarely travel in such large numbers."

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