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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weird news - Man kills wife since she cast a vote for the 'wrong' candidate

People kill their spouses for many reasons, such as for money, or for infidelity (and these two are the 2 biggest reasons for these murders). In most cases, however, when people have major disagreements that they are not able to resolve, they either learn to live with these disagreements or go in for a resolve. It is only in rare cases, when the husband or wife feels that the hurt is too bad and causes an emotional upheaval, or when they feel that the other person has to obey them without questioning, then they do such horrific acts such as subjecting their spouse to such cruelty, or kill their spouses.
What do you do with such cases where a person has asked his wife to vote for a specific candidate, and she goes ahead and votes for another candidate who is distantly related to her ? This causes so much trauma to him (and he gets so angry with her decision) that he actually kills her (link to article):

A 25-year-old woman was allegedly killed by her husband in Malab village in Nuh district, around 30km from Gurgaon, after she did not vote for the candidate her husband asked her to and instead voted for one of her relatives in the sarpanch elections, which were held on Saturday.
According to police, Tahira was strangulated by her husband Shahid after she voted for Kamaal, who was standing for the post of sarpanch of Malab village. Tahira’s sister Ruksana is Kamaal’s sister-in-law.

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