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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weird news: Man dumped by a bride; second consolation bride runs away after marriage

A man went into an arranged marriage, with a 8 month gap between the engagement and the marriage. He thought everything was going well, and into the final day, the time for the actual marriage ceremonies came up. He was happy, since now it seemed that the marriage would happen; and then the shock happened with the bride deciding that she was actually in love with somebody else (who incidentally was also present in the marriage hall). Since the groom's side was angry at this betrayal, they took their anger out on the other suitor who was present in the marriage hall and who sustained injuries in this beating.
Anyhow, the twist in the tale was that now we have a groom who is all ready to get married, but for whom the bride has run away. This is a very humiliating situation for the groom and for his family, and the family decided to find another bride at the same instant (which would bring back the lost pride of the family); they found a minor girl who was not very ready but they got her dressed up and got her married off. However, the next day this girl also ran away (link to article):

Brides being dumped at the altar is the stuff soppy movies are made of. But heard of a bridegroom being ditched at the marriage mantap, that too not once but twice inside of 24 hours? Filmi as it may sound, that's what happened in Kolar, 70 km from Bangalore, on Sunday.
Here’s where the drama restarts. The elders figured that an eloping bride was no reason to stop Manjunath’s marriage and they would look for a bride for him from among those present. They settled on Mamatha, a 16-year-old, first-year PU student and a close relative of the brideless Manjunath. Mamatha, playing outside the marriage hall with other children, was brought in and dressed up. She went through the ceremony crying as she had no desire to marry Manjunath.

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