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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weird - Chinese man eats the brain of a child to try to cure epilepsy

Anything that can do with harm or hurt to a baby or young child gets people all worked up, and the parental instinct in people with respect to their children is incredible. In such cases, when you hear of incidents such as where this man, in order to try to cure epilepsy, kidnapped a young boy, killed him, cut open his head and ate parts of the young brain in some weird concept that this will epilepsy. When caught, he tried to pretend something else (link to article):

29-year old Wang Chaoxu, who hails from the southwest Chinese village of Qixian, seems to have a nasty habit of killing children and eating their brains, believing them to be the cure for his epilepsy. 11-year old Li Xuetang disappeared one night, prompting his mother to become worried, and going so far as imploring the head of the village to make a radio broadcast on the off chance her song might see it.
It seems like incidents like this have happened before, so hopefully incidents like this will not happen again.

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