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Monday, May 17, 2010

In New York, a hearse van was towed by police even when a body was inside

Sometimes such stuff happens that can make people wonder about the timing and coincidence. A minivan was parked outside a funeral home, and a body was inside. Given that the van was used to move bodies, the windows of the van were dark so that people were not able to look inside, and police officers were not able to look inside either. Further, a placard on the windshield which marked that this vehicle was being used as hearse also fell flat, no way for the police to know that this vehicle had a body inside; and there was no driver over there also. As a result, the police towed away the minivan with the body, after all, the vehicle was parked illegally. Once the driver came to know, he finally found the vehicle in a police towing yard (link to article):

Redden's Funeral Home director Paul DeNigris said a windshield placard had fallen flat. The van's tinted windows helped obscure the white cardboard box that held the remains.
DeNigris said he was "a wreck" after discovering the van missing in Manhattan. He rushed to the tow pound, where he discreetly explained the circumstances and got the van back. He also got body to an airport in time for a scheduled flight to Miami.

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