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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Losing her life because of a crash diet

The quest to become slim and look good is a very strong impulse; people go on diets, go for crash exercise programs, and so on, anything to ensure that they look good. Further, when there is an event such as a marriage, the quest to become in shape can make a person do anything. In this particular case, a person died because of a crash diet in order to lose weight for an oncoming marriage (link to article):

It was revealed at an inquest that Samantha Clowe, 34, was “fit and well” when she started the diet, but passed away 11 weeks later, after losing three stone from her original 17st 6lb. Clowe, a metal researcher, had got her GP’s approval before she started the LighterLife diet of special soup, bars and shakes.
Her fiance Andrew Smith found her collapsed at the home they shared in Leeds. “She said she wanted respect at work and didn’t want to be a fat bride,” the Daily Star quoted her mother Barbara as saying at the inquest.

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