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Monday, May 9, 2016

Weird news - Killing a customer through a curry meal

Typically, murder involves a trial. But this murder would normally be through a gun, through a knife, killing a person through poison or by some other direct, violent means. Even if you got somebody killed through an assassination contract, it does involve violence, even if this was indirectly. However, there are other ways to kill somebody, even if this is done indirectly, or even though actions that might be deemed careless, or something similar. What happens to the case where somebody has an allergy and you do something that aggravates that allergy and causes a massive medical reaction within the body and causes death, whether instantaneously or even after admission into the hotel.
In the current case, the owner of restaurants has been charged for murder for the use of a material that contains peanut even though the item is advertised as nut free. For people who are allergic to peanuts or other such items, the allergic reaction to peanuts or other allergens is incredible and can also cause death depends on the quickness of treatment and the amount of allergic reaction (link to article):
A Bangladeshi-origin owner of a restaurant in northern England went on trial today charged with manslaughter after a man with a severe nut allergy died as a result of dining at his restaurant. Mohammed Zaman denies manslaughter by gross negligence, perverting the course of justice and six food safety offences in relation to the death of Paul Wilson. "Zaman received numerous warnings that he was putting his customers' health, and potentially their lives, at risk. Tragically for Paul Wilson, Mohammed Zaman took none of those opportunities and ignored all of the warnings he was given," prosecutor Richard Wright told Teesside Crown Court in North Yorkshire.

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