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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Weird news - Yacht found after a year, dead body inside

In today's world, there are many cases where people live like a loner. An increasing number of people are divorced or have decided to live alone, or their spouse has passed away, and they are all alone. They have have friends and / or relatives, but not everybody visits their relatives so often. There are increasing number of cases where a person has died alone, and not been found for weeks or months; until somebody has a reason to come to their house - and this need not be a loved one, it could be a utility worker, or in a weird case, somebody come to repossess the house who discovered that the previous occupant of the house had died many months back in the house and nobody had discovered this.
The below situation is even more weird. This was a person who was living on a yacht, roaming the oceans of the world. He was separated from his wife (who had also died sometime in the past), and had been last in contact with people over a year back. Some people on a fishing boat come across this yacht floating derelict on the water, and when they explored, they found the 59 year old skipper of the boat inside, dead for a long time. With the ocean conditions being warm and salty, the body had mummified in its seat, the occupant having probably died of a heart attack (link to article):
It had been more than a year since anyone had heard from the 40ft Sajo's 59-year-old German skipper, Manfred Fritz Bajorat. It did not take long for Rivas to discover why as he scrambled on board to help. The Filipino fisherman found Bajorat's body sat next to the vessel's bank of radio transmitters. Such had been the dry, salty conditions since the unexplained death of the German sailor that his corpse had been mummified in its final position, slumped over a table used for charts with the transmitter handset just inches away. Police in the port of Barobo, about 700 miles south of Manila, where Rivas towed the Sajo, said that a post-mortem examination had found no evidence of foul play and it was believed Bajorat had died of natural causes, possibly from a heart attack.

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