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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weird news: Girl married a dog to ward off curse

Bestiality exists in this world, and can be found on extreme porn sites; it is also illegal all over the world. So you would be surprised at a girl marrying a dog in a public function in India. Why did this happen ? This happens for the same reason that girls end up marrying a tree or other such non-human object. The idea is that this marriage will remove any curse or similar problem on the girl, after which the curse goes away and then the girl can get married to whoever she likes after this.
Once this marriage is over, and it is recognized by the locality, but not by the official administration over there, the girl can then abandon this first 'husband' and go in for a proper legally recognized marriage (link to article):
The 18-year-old, who lives in a small village in the state of Jharkland, India, recently married a stray pooch in order to ward off a curse that her fellow villagers feared would cause the death of any man who married her. "The village elders told us that we should organize the wedding as soon as we can," he told Barcroft TV. "We had to make sure that the evil spell is destroyed."
This is called a use and throw husband.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Weird news: Man killed by snake after he killed snake

Seems weird, I was totally shocked when I read this. It seems totally weird and impossible, but has been ratified by scientists that it is very much possible. It also means that chefs all over need to be very careful, or even anybody else who deals with poisonous snakes. What happened in this case ?
There was a report of a chef in China who died soon after removing the head of a poisonous snake. This was an Indochina spitting cobra, and the chef had cut its head off in order to prepare snake soup, with the head having been cut off around 20 minutes before. The chef could not be saved since emergency workers were not able to get to him before the effects of the snake venom (read article):

"The snake's venom apparatus and jaw muscles are all contained in the head -- as are the nerves that control these muscles and venomous glands," Lewin said. "Unlike humans, snake tissue can withstand long periods without circulating blood… The tissue doesn't lose function as quickly as a mammal and the reflexes remain intact" even after death. "It's a bit creepy to me because it blurs the meaning of being dead," he added. "People are susceptible to these reflexive bites probably because they are thinking of beheading from a human perspective."
Gives an entirely different meaning to the phrase about death being the end.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Weird news - Swallowing a ring to hide it from the police

During theft and to hide other crimes, people will go to any level to try and hide evidence of their crime. At the same time, police and other security agencies have also been prepared by long years of experience about some of the tactics that people try to hoodwink them. So, for example, during customs checking at international airports, people try to hide drugs, gold and other such small and valuable stuff by either ingesting it, or by stuffing it in some body cavity and then, if the customs folks are really convinced, they will detain them while they do a more thorough check using X-rays and similar equipment and make them finally expel this material from their bodies.
However, hiding material such as a gold ring in this manner is a bit unique. Typically if the police have had a chase and then managed to stop somebody, they need to find evidence in order to get them for the crime. If the other person has managed to swallow the ring, then the evidence not being found may sometimes lead to the person being let off. In this case however, the police was so convinced that they had found the right thieves that they checked the route to ensure that the ring was not thrown away during the chase, and then finally detained them to do an X-ray and found that the ring was in the stomach (link to article):

On Friday evening, a Zales jewelry store employee at the University Mall tried to chase down a man who had been looking at a valuable ring, according to an Orem police news release. The piece of jewelry was worth several thousand dollars. The man and woman were arrested and brought to the police department. Officers searched for the ring based on the suspects’ stories, such as it being tossed out the car window or possibly still being in the vehicle, but they could not find it, said police Lt. Craig Martinez. Then, after "several wild goose chases, we found out that [the woman] had swallowed the ring in attempt to hide it when they were pulled over by police," the release adds.
Swallowing such items does pose a life risk to the person involved, since it might cause some damage to the person and might need extensive hospitalization (the expenditure of which might be as much as the ring). In fact, drug mules, who swallow drugs to hide them from the police are known to die if the drug packet somehow gets opened when it is in their stomach.

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