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Monday, September 1, 2014

Weird news - Swallowing a ring to hide it from the police

During theft and to hide other crimes, people will go to any level to try and hide evidence of their crime. At the same time, police and other security agencies have also been prepared by long years of experience about some of the tactics that people try to hoodwink them. So, for example, during customs checking at international airports, people try to hide drugs, gold and other such small and valuable stuff by either ingesting it, or by stuffing it in some body cavity and then, if the customs folks are really convinced, they will detain them while they do a more thorough check using X-rays and similar equipment and make them finally expel this material from their bodies.
However, hiding material such as a gold ring in this manner is a bit unique. Typically if the police have had a chase and then managed to stop somebody, they need to find evidence in order to get them for the crime. If the other person has managed to swallow the ring, then the evidence not being found may sometimes lead to the person being let off. In this case however, the police was so convinced that they had found the right thieves that they checked the route to ensure that the ring was not thrown away during the chase, and then finally detained them to do an X-ray and found that the ring was in the stomach (link to article):

On Friday evening, a Zales jewelry store employee at the University Mall tried to chase down a man who had been looking at a valuable ring, according to an Orem police news release. The piece of jewelry was worth several thousand dollars. The man and woman were arrested and brought to the police department. Officers searched for the ring based on the suspects’ stories, such as it being tossed out the car window or possibly still being in the vehicle, but they could not find it, said police Lt. Craig Martinez. Then, after "several wild goose chases, we found out that [the woman] had swallowed the ring in attempt to hide it when they were pulled over by police," the release adds.
Swallowing such items does pose a life risk to the person involved, since it might cause some damage to the person and might need extensive hospitalization (the expenditure of which might be as much as the ring). In fact, drug mules, who swallow drugs to hide them from the police are known to die if the drug packet somehow gets opened when it is in their stomach.

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