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Monday, September 26, 2011

Weird news - Man blows up his own house while trying to make vodka

There is a certain old charm in making your own liquour. There is a large amount of literature on the net that deals with recipes and methods on how to do your own distillation in the house, and people are able to do so successfully. One needs to keep in mind that even though the process has been followed by a large number of people, you are dealing with liquids that are combustible. In addition, when the process is not followed well, there can be a number of fumes created, and any introduction of any sort of flame cam be very destructive. Once in a while, you will hear about people who fail in their efforts and the results can be dangerous. Consider the following article (link) where a person blew up portions of his own house:

Lawrence Toms, 44, from Tynewydd, Wales, was brewing the alcohol when the explosion occurred, which led to four fire engines and a water bowser being called to his home.
South Wales Police think the incident was caused by homemade alcohol - and a spokesman said: "The windows were blown out of the property and it was lucky no one in the street was injured.

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