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Friday, September 23, 2011

Weird news - 17 year old girl gives birth, surprised at this fact

During pregnancy, there are a number of changes that happen in a woman's body. Women who are pregnant can sometimes suffer from serious health problems, suffer changes in their pattern. Their entire pattern can change, and it is hard to believe that a lady can be pregnant and not be aware of it. However, this couple claims that they were surprised when they gave birth to a child; the lady apparently went to the hospital for some sort of treatment regarding stomach ache; further, all the increase in the stomach was supposed to be part of a gain in weight. Refer this article (link to article):

A 17-year-old British student has given birth without even knowing she was pregnant.
Alexandra Staddon just thought she had "put on a bit of weight" and went to hospital complaining of suffering from stomach ache before giving birth to a baby boy, who she called Matthew, weighing 7lb 6oz.
She said: "I didn't have any idea I was pregnant. I didn't have symptoms. I just thought I had put on a bit of weight."

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