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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weird news - Student takes answer sheet home, brings it the next day

Cheating in the exams is something that is very seriously frowned upon, and in many cases, students have been expelled if caught cheating. At the very least, even if no strict action is taken, a student can be made to feel ashamed of what has happened, and this by itself can be enough punishment. However, one does expect that the examiners take the entire process of the exam seriously, and ensure that students know that there will be severe penalties if the student is caught cheating. However, what do you do when the student does not submit the answer sheet, and then the examiners do not even detect that an answer sheet is missing (link to article):

Employing an innovative method of cheating, a student took his answer sheet of first year BSc paper, home on Thursday only to return it to the examiners on Friday. He claimed that he had forgotten to submit it.
Examiners at Gujarat College have sent the answer sheet to Gujarat University. The interesting aspect of the incident is that the Gujarat College examiners did not realise the answer sheet's theft and reportedly told varsity authorities that it was a counting mistake. However, the blunder came to light, when the student along with his father turned up next day to return the answer sheet.

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