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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weird news - Bangladeshi airport shows porn for 5 minutes, investigations on

In Islamic countries, the public display of porn and sex is a strict taboo. So, for example, somebody committing adultery can be punished by death under Sharia laws, and couple who have kissed in public or shown other emotions can be lashed or subjected to other penalties. It would be very difficult to believe that in such countries, there can be such a thing such as showing porn publicly (one can expect some severe penalties to happen to anybody who does such a thing). Well, consider the case of the airport in Bangladesh (a Muslim majority country) where a porn clip was shown for 5 mistakes (a grievous mistake no doubt, but still something that could cause some head chopping if it happened in Saudi Arabia) (link to article):

Travellers at Bangladesh's main airport were taken in by shock when a huge display screen meant to air programmes about the country showed a porn video, prompting the civil aviation authority to launch a probe into the incident. Bangladesh Civil Aviation Authority has launched an investigation into a scandal at the Hazrat Shahjalal Airport where the huge display screen aired for five minutes a pornographic movie, officials said today.
"An investigation is under way while the people responsible for the scandal were already taken to task," a Civil Aviation Authority spokesman told PTI without elaborating. Another official said the operator was handed down two months of jail term instantly after a summary trial by an on duty magistrate at the airport.

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