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Friday, April 3, 2009

Man gambles wife, loses her to friends ..

It was a different time and age when there used to be a belief that women were the properties of men, and could be done as they wished. Similarly, it was a concept of the medieval ages of some societies that a wife was the property of the man, and was like any other item in the house to be done with as wished (although sadly, many Islamic cultures (and the Taliban) believe this to be true, and their behavior to women in their control is that of an owner). Consider the case of a man who staked his wife in a gambling game, and then lost her to his friends. When the friends won, they exercised their ownership rights by keeping her in custody and raping her for a week (link to article):

A man allegedly staked his wife in gambling after he lost his money and possessions to his friends in Baran district of Rajasthan. The 25-year-old woman told the police on Friday that she was repeatedly raped by her husband's friends who kept her hostage for a week.
"She said that on March 25, Ojha was playing cards with his friends. He lost all his money but continued playing and when his friends refused to lend him any money he staked her and lost,'' said the in-charge of Bapcha police station, Ramkishan Meena.
On March 26, Parasram and the two others allegedly kidnapped her from the house and took her to a nearby forested area where they gagged her, tied her hands and raped her.

A sad scene, what can you do when a person who is a partner in marriage does this to you ? Now it is a police case, and all involved are likely to pay for their actions.

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