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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Staying with your husband and ex-husband

After the bitterness of a divorce, it has been known to happen that the couple make up in many cases, in some cases going to the extent of getting back together, or in other cases, becoming friends who can depend on each other for many items. However, the situation described below can be pretty rare, after all, how often do you know of a wife re-marrying, and then moving in with her new husband into the home of her ex-husband. The divorced husband initiated the move, partly to get to meet his children more often (link to article):

Struggling to make ends meet, trying to dig themselves out of debt, Nicole Thompson-Arce and her husband have moved in with her ex-husband. Together, the unlikely threesome of Omaha, Nebraska, is raising two young daughters from the first marriage. When she and Craig Thompson, 42, were going through a divorce in 2005, this was not a deal either of them could have imagined striking. It was a messy divorce, the kind involving a custody dispute. But once they ironed out that battle, agreeing to joint custody, Thompson-Arce said they were able to move on and forward.
Soon after the Florida wedding, the new lovebirds flew into a financial mess. She had left a job, and as soon as she found another (a temp position), her 22-year-old husband was fired from his higher-paying gig. They fell behind in rent. The bills stacked up. The credit card debt grew. In walked the ex with an offer, just in time for Christmas. Thompson, an 18-year bakery employee at Wal-Mart, lives in a three-bedroom, one-bath home. "I knew they were having money problems, so I just asked them to move in," he said. "I figured I'd get to see my girls, my daughters, more often. And Nicole said yes right away."

Sounds surprising, right ? After all, it might be a bit embarrassing as well to move in with your ex-husband, but in this bad economy, many decisions get made that would not seem possible earlier.

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