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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Pink Hotel in Hawaii

I wonder how many people know about this hotel ? In Honolulu, there is a hotel known as the Pink Palace of the Pacific (too many P's !). It was a wonder in pink, with pink towels, pink tablecloths, pink umbrellas; and was a ultra luxury hotel that cared to the high and mighty and the famous, catering to celebrities such as Rockefellers, Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, Dean Martin, etc, and was THE place. However, it fell on bad times, and is now going for a major face-lift, in which it will keep the pink interface, just de-emphasize it a bit:

The last time this iconic pink hotel was closed for renovations, World War II had just ended and the barbed wire that stretched along the shore of Waikiki had been removed. Owners want to return the so-called "Pink Palace of the Pacific" to its heyday several decades ago when it was considered the ultimate in Hawaiian luxury, hospitality and class. The hotel's distinctive rosy exterior and eye-catching Spanish-Moorish architecture won't change. But the interior is slated for a major facelift and -- gasp -- will become less pink.
Gone will be the pink tablecloths, pink napkins, pink towels, pink bed sheets and even the trademark pink-and-white umbrellas at the Mai Tai Bar will become history. It's a bold move by the hotel, which opened in 1927. But hotel managers say they're not entirely getting rid of the pink, just accentuating the pink they have.

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