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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Man tries to steal gold by swallowing

It sure is difficult for a man to make a honest living nowadays by theft. Modern technology is coming in his way more often. In this story from The Register, a man walked into a jeweller's shop, and asked to see a gold ring for his financee.
When the jeweller turned his back, the man swallowed the ring and denied having the ring. The jeweller, not believing him for one minute, called the police who used a common medical instrument called the X-ray to detect that he did indeed swallow the ring. After a few days, he passed out the ring from his body in the natural way.
Given that the ring was in his body and that he passed it out along with other wastes, the jeweller is not sure whether a customer will be comfortable with buying the ring, so the jeweller will have to sell it to another jeweller.

1 comment:

Annelisa said...

Yuk! I wouldn't want to be the one to buy that ring... but then, what you don't know...

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