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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Man dressed as Joker gets Dutch ID card

In Europe, to get a national ID card, the rules have become more stringent. The rules prohibit grins, funny faces, and head gear. In addition, to avoid confusing scanners that are based on facial recognition, travellers in Europe have been ordered to not look too happy, eyes must be open and clearly visible, no glasses must be worn, and so on. One is supposed to look straight and without any emotion. In the middle of all this, a practical joker managed to beat the system by dressing up as The Joker from the Batman series.
He painted his face, and managed to convince the staff that because of his religious convictions, he could not take off his hat. And he now has a ID card with this very face.

This has now caused a political issue. Read more about this story here.

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