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Monday, April 4, 2016

Weird news - ISIS everywhere

ISIS is the terror organization that has struck fear in a large section of the world. Besides its brutal tactics in the war zones of Syria and Iraq, it has even struck in many parts of Europe, and even had an attack in the United States where a massacre was committed by somebody pledging allegiance to ISIS. Further, the terror organization is very much present on social media and also does a lot of effort in trying to attract disenchanted westerners, something which is very scary for these societies.
However, in order to protect from these terror organizations, sometimes efforts are taken which seem like overkill. There is a constraint on suspicious sounding financial transactions, which sounds great but sometimes leads to weird situations, or innocent people are removed from flights because their names are similar to terror suspects or because somebody is suspicious of them. For example, in this incident, a person transferring money to his dog walker was not able to do since he put in his dog's name in the comment, and the bank thought that the name of the dog was very similar to another name for ISIS (link to article):
Bruce Francis, 55, from San Francisco, was transferring $374 from his account to his dog walker and wrote his dog’s name ‘Dash’ in the memo line, as he has done every month for the past couple of years. Chase Bank blocked Francis’ online payment because his pitbull mix’s moniker loosely resembles the terrorist network ‘Daesh’, another name for Islamic State. Bank officials thought ‘Dash’ was a hair too close to ‘Daesh’, the Arabic term for the Islamic State or IS, and cancelled the payment. The dog walker notified Francis ten days later that she still had not been paid.

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