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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Weird news: Too much tofu ?

Tofu is supposed to be healthy for a person, and is an important of the Chinese and Japanese diet. In fact, it is a high source of protein and has been recommended for people in order to get a diet where their protein deficiency has to be helped. Tofu helps a lot in this area.
But like any other item, too much of any item can be a problem. This is true of any kind of item, no matter how beneficial. And protein excess has been supposed to have health problems, so doctors do recommend minimum and maximum levels of protein that a person should consume.
But what happens when a person is fond of tofu and consumes it excessively ? Well, one expects that this will lead to health problems, and so it happened in this case (link to article):
Doctors in China had a tough time removing 420 kidney stones from a man's body who loved tofu. He Dong diet was high in protein due to the high intake of tofu which resulted in formation of kidney stones. Dong was diagnosed with this problem long time back but decided to stay away from the surgery.

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