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Friday, December 5, 2014

Weird news - Broke into a store, ate and then went to sleep

The normal expectation from thieves is that they are very smart, can quickly make their way inside an establishment, break into safes, steal valuables, and leave no traces for the police to find (well, that they are capable of all of this is an exaggeration, but this is what movies tend to portray). However, one would think that there is a reasonable expectation that somebody who has come to steal something is likely to be sharp, not spending any more time than required and be able to quickly be out before somebody can figure out that there is a thief on the premises.
However, in reality, thieves can be blundering folks, leaving clues all over the place, and ensuring that law enforcement can catch and convict many of such people. However, one needs to be special to take steps that all but ensures that the person will be caught easily, without any major effort on the part of the police. What would one say about this thief, who broke into a store, stole some sausages, and then apparently went to sleep there, giving police no effort when they came to arrest him. And what caused all this behavior ? Liquor intoxication happened, ensuring that correct powers of judgment were out of the window (link to article):

The intruder then takes some sausages from the meat-processing business, goes back outside and then returns, grabbing a coat and falling asleep in the back office. Austin police officers woke up Ricardo Cardona, who told police he'd been out drinking, and charged him with criminal trespassing. It wasn't immediately clear whether Cardona has an attorney. The store owner says insurance money paid for a replacement door.

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