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Monday, November 3, 2014

Weird news - Man drives plane to pub, police go nuts

Going to the pub is a common place enough occurrence. After all, you drive to the pub, park, and then go inside and enjoy. Nothing spectacular in that, right ? But how can such a simple event become more complicated ? Well, one way is to change the mode of transport; and how better to make a splash than come toddling along in a plane, park it outside and go inside. This is known as making a splashy entrance. And when the police arrive, they were a bit puzzled. They knew that something was wrong and they will charge the plane driver, but the exact law or penalty that was to be applied to him was not clear. Finally, it seemed that the police found something; the fuel supply to the plane was visible and not adequately safe, and that is what they charged him with (link to article):

A man who taxied his light plane down a main street in Western Australia’s Pilbara region and parked it outside a pub is expected to be charged. Newman police sergeant Mark McKenzie said the plane had its propeller running, its wings removed and was being steered by foot pedals on Friday. The man parked the plane outside the Newman Hotel and was then interviewed by police.
So, they wanted to charge the man, especially since he left the engine running when he was inside the pub.

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