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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weird news - Eating a diamond to try to steal it

There are many different ways to steal diamond. You would have seen in movies where there are elaborate plots to steal diamonds when they are on display, or when they are in transit, or in the case of gold - there can be heists that get into bank vaults to steal the gold (look at the elaborate method used in the Bruce Willis movie, Die Hard 3).
A common way for people with less brains and the need to take more risks is to try smuggle drugs into a country by packing them into small packets and then eating them. The idea is that these drugs will remain hidden during security checks and can be excreted later. But to do something like that when trying to steal a diamond in plain sight can be a lot more difficult, particularly in the era of CCTV everywhere (link to article):

Sri Lankan police arrested a Chinese tourist suspected of swallowing a diamond worth 1.8 million rupees ($13,600) on Wednesday at the island nation's biggest international gem and jewellery exhibition. Chow Cheng, 32, is believed to have swallowed the diamond as he inspected it at the exhibition, attended by buyers from China, Hong Kong, Thailand, India and Europe, police said.

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