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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weird news - The high price for 2 beers leaves a family shocked

It is a standard refrain that you should ensure that you are responsible for your own finances. Sometimes when we are in a great hurry, we can quickly close financial transactions, doing a cursory look and then proceeding. In most cases, this can be fine, but then comes the case where you need to repent later for the fast work you did in your financial transaction. Consider the following case where a family quickly did a transaction for 2 beers (or maybe 2 beer cases), and then moved on, and later got a bill for an amount they would never have expected (link to article):

The family from Indiana - who asked not to be named - were shocked when their credit card statement displayed the charge for two alcoholic beverages, which were supposed to cost $14 each but ended up being nearly $1,500 a piece.
The credit card owner explained: "We just went up there and grabbed two beers signed it, got our drinks and went on."

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