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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weird news - TSA agent accused of stealing from flyers

When your stuff gets stolen, you can get pretty angry. If you can catch the thief, you can be pretty harsh on them. What happens however when you find who are expected to be saviors doing wrong ? For example, when a police office commits a crime, or somebody from the IRS commits a tax fraud, and so on. In such cases, the anger is even higher, since a thief steals and is known to steal; but a protector should not be caught stealing. Have you ever thought that when you stuff is being inspected at an airport security system, one of the inspectors may actually be stealing the stuff (link to article):

A US Transportation Security Administration officer has been charged with theft after he allegedly stole a passenger's luxury watch that wound up for sale on eBay.
Paul Yashou, 38, of Torrance, California, was indicted Friday on two felony and three misdemeanor theft counts. Federal prosecutors allege he stole four watches and a debit card contained in luggage being screened at Los Angeles International Airport.
Yashou first came under suspicion when one victim saw his IWC GST chrono perpetual calendar moonphase watch, priced at $15,000, for sale on eBay, prosecutors said. Investigators soon learned Yashou had sold the watch to a jewelry store that was offering the watch for sale online.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weird news - Parents offered sex with their young girl for paying off loan

Parents are normally seen as extremely protective of their children, especially when the children are vulnerable. It is only when children get much older that they let their children make their critical decisions, especially when it comes to matters such as sex. However, once in a while you come across parents who pervert this relationship, and try to use their children for personal benefits. And when the law finds out such an attempt, the law comes on top of them like a ton of bricks and will almost always penalize them with jail terms, and also take their children away. Read the following story and see whether society has any other option other than what was described in this article (link to target):

Police arrested three people including the parents of an eight-year-old girl, after they allegedly negotiated a deal involving sex with the minor to help pay off a loan, Dutch prosecutors said on Thursday.
“We have detained the parents of the girl after a relative discovered on a laptop, that her parents were offering sex with her as a downpayment to a loan,” Jeichien de Graaff of the Rotterdam prosecutors’ office, said.
Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad reported that the parents negotiated an amount to be paid in return for sex with the girl and that photos have been exchanged, including pictures of the girl.
The three are facing charges of child abuse, and the making and distribution of child pornography “within the next few weeks,” De Graaff said.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weird news - Turtles brings an airport to a stop

Airports typically worry about the weather causing problems to their smooth operations, and in fact, high winds, or a blizzard can be a threat to planes. There have been cases where wind drafts have caused planes to suddenly rise or drop hundreds of feet, and when this happens near the runway, it can get very dangerous.
Similarly, birds circling near the airport make the operators nervous, since a bird hit at those speeds can be dangerous, and also impact the engine of the plane. But, when was the last time you heard about an airport runway getting shut because of turtles on the runway ? That's right, those slow moving lovable animals that children also love. Any such movement on the runway can cause danger to a fast moving airplane, and when this movement of turtles is because of the need to lay eggs, you can do nothing but wait (link to article):

About 150 turtles crawled onto the tarmac at New York's John F Kennedy airport today in search of beaches to lay their eggs, delaying dozens of flights, aviation authorities said.
The slow-motion stampede began about 6:45 am, and within three hours there were so many turtles on Runway 4L and nearby taxiways that controllers were forced to move departing flights to another runway.
Workers from the Port Authority and the US Department of Agriculture were scooping up turtles and moving them across the airport, he said. Flight delays averaged about 30 minutes, the FAA said.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weird news - Want to steal money from an ATM ? Take the entire ATM with you

Seems like the most logical step to take, right ? You are a group of thieves and are planning to steal money / need some money. Well, there is this machine that is dispensing cash to everybody, so it must contain a lot of money. Now, how to take the money ? It is not so easy to break into an ATM machine since it contains a number of security safeguards, and there would be people nearby (because of which you cannot take the amount of time you would require to break into the machine). Further, because of security issues, or even because of thieves forcing people to withdraw money at gun-point, ATM's now come equipped with CCTV cameras. This makes thieving a bit difficult. The solution ? Take the entire ATM with you, and then you can open the ATM at your own time, and the company has no way to find out where you have gone (link to article):

A shopkeeper noticed that the machine inside the ATM cabinet was missing and immediately informed the police. The police said the thieves had first blocked the view of the camera fitted at the entrance of the ATM booth with a flex board and then decamped with the cash machine containing Rs. 7.6 lakh. This happened just a day after a similar attempt-to-break-in occurred at the ATM centre on Jangali Maharaj Road. The thieves there were, however, unsuccessful. The Dehu road police said the incident took place in the wee hours yesterday. The burglars were successful in their handiwork because the machine was not fixed properly to the floor.

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