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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weird news - TSA agent accused of stealing from flyers

When your stuff gets stolen, you can get pretty angry. If you can catch the thief, you can be pretty harsh on them. What happens however when you find who are expected to be saviors doing wrong ? For example, when a police office commits a crime, or somebody from the IRS commits a tax fraud, and so on. In such cases, the anger is even higher, since a thief steals and is known to steal; but a protector should not be caught stealing. Have you ever thought that when you stuff is being inspected at an airport security system, one of the inspectors may actually be stealing the stuff (link to article):

A US Transportation Security Administration officer has been charged with theft after he allegedly stole a passenger's luxury watch that wound up for sale on eBay.
Paul Yashou, 38, of Torrance, California, was indicted Friday on two felony and three misdemeanor theft counts. Federal prosecutors allege he stole four watches and a debit card contained in luggage being screened at Los Angeles International Airport.
Yashou first came under suspicion when one victim saw his IWC GST chrono perpetual calendar moonphase watch, priced at $15,000, for sale on eBay, prosecutors said. Investigators soon learned Yashou had sold the watch to a jewelry store that was offering the watch for sale online.

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