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Friday, May 20, 2011

Weird news: Lady in Great Britain cannot stand being near electric devices

People are allergic to a number of things in their life, and many of these can be quite rare. However, what do you do when you witness a person being struck by a reaction when left exposed to electric devices, or even electricity. In our modern lives, the amount of electricity we are exposed to is incredible, so it can be very troublesome if some reaction like this is witnessed. The lady has to make sure that she remains away from all devices, which also means that she cannot go outside, and even in her own home, she has to remain away from such devices; if exposed, she will run into a number of problems (link to article):

A 55-year-old British woman is so sensitive to electricity that she cannot watch television, listen to the radio or talk on a mobile phone. Janice Tunnicliffe, a resident of Nottinghamshire, claims to suffer from an extremely rare condition called "electro sensitivity".
She was struck with the illness after she received chemotherapy for bowel cancer three years ago. Tunnicliffe cannot use an electric kettle, and keeps her washing machine in a concrete outhouse.
She cannot bear to be anywhere near an electromagnetic field, and hence has been left "completely isolated" from the modern world due to her medical condition.

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