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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can you believe this - Potato chips can beat certain cancers

For any health conscious person, potato chips are something to be severly avoided. They are labelled as junk food, and have a major part to play in the creation of the lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity (and are part of the lifestyle of colas, chips and pizzas that lead to a much higher intake of fat). However, it seems that potato chips can also play a positive role in cancer treatment (link)

The mouth-watering chips have long been labelled as a “junk food”. Yet, experts have claimed that gorging on a deepfried potato diet can help people in beating certain cancers. According to them, chips are rich in vitamin C, which tackles dangerous free radicals associated with cancer growth, and those suffering with the disease can even shrink the size of their tumours by eating wafers, the Daily Star reported.
“Chips give vitamin C, which is an important nutrient believed to help protect against certain types of cancer. People who eat food rich in vitamin C are much less likely to suffer from cancer of the oesophagus, cancer of the stomach and breast cancer.

This is part of ongoing research, and one would expect that if you eat other foods rich in Vitamin C, you would get the same effect. This is something that more research should be able to validate.

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