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Friday, March 7, 2008

Brother and sister reunited after 67 years

Now this is a story that warms the heart. After being separated during the second world war (remember how long ago that was?), a brother was reunited with his sister through his niece. Jack Allen was fostered as a baby and then brought up by adopted parents, and for a long time his sisters were trying to find their lost brother; he on the other hand did not know that he had siblings, and it was a chance comment on an accent that helped make the connection:

Born Joseph McIver to unmarried mum Josephine McIver and father Douglas MacDonald, Jack was fostered as a baby, before eventually being adopted at the age of seven by Frank and Christine Allen from Birmingham. Jack's sister Pat Collins, 75, remembers her last few moments with her baby brother in 1940, before losing all contact with him until now. Pat and two of her sisters have always remained curious about their missing brother and have spent years searching for him.
Pat, who lives in Grimsby, was stunned when her daughter phoned her up telling her she had found her long-lost brother. Pat said: "Two of my sisters have been trying to trace Jack and it was Carole who found him. I could not believe it when I took the call from her. "I was the oldest child and I was brought up by Josephine's parents.
"I used to go and see her, but I thought she was my sister. After Jack was taken away I never heard of him any more."

This is a good story, and displays an incredible amount of luck.

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