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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Foetus falls on track, but safe

In an extremely weird incident, a pregnant mother was relieving herself in the toilet of a moving train when she lost consciousness and delivered her baby over there itself, 2 months early. The 7 month old foetus fell through the drain pipe and onto the track while the train passed over. It is only when the mother recovered consciousness that she realized that baby had been delivered; in the meantime the baby had been found by railway workers. Soon the 2 were re-united:

Call it good fortune or just the will of God. But the life in a seven-month-old foetus, that fell through the toilet bowl of a running train when the mother went to ease herself, still lives on! Call it a miracle, perhaps. This tiny bundle weighing just 1.4 kg, which slipped from the womb into the toilet tube and crash-landed on rocks between two steel tracks, is from the top drawer of survival tales.
The railwaymen wrapped the baby in a cloth and called the local doctor. While the child was being examined, a call came, saying the parents were traced. The mother could not believe her eyes when she was reunited with the baby two hours later at the Kalol Civil Hospital. And she just can't take her eyes off this baby ever since.

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